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What Does Body Transformation Energetics Entail?

Shaman Angelic Bodywork

A session is usually an hour and a half to two hours. One will experience a reconnection to the heart as past cellular memory is released using a combination of modalities. I am an intuitive and will modify the session to your particular needs. I usually use a combination of deep tissue, soul retrieval, Quantumwave laser therapy, sound therapy and journey work with breath release. This is about you birthing you and taking back your power as you come back into wholeness and oneness.  Your body’s cells will let go of the unresolved memories of trauma, shock, judgments, oaths, vows etc. and lifetimes of built up fear; a reconnection to the heart and a return to unconditional love will assist one in coming back to balance and wholeness. (More can be learned about the Quantumwave laser from the homepage under Quantumwave laser.)

Old cellular memory is dense and heavy and can become lodged in the physical. It really clears fast when a person works with a facilitator. Old emotions and physical pain will be released through the breath.  Lines of energy are also being reopened; after a session a person usually feels much lighter and peaceful, more grounded in their body. A person’s appearance usually becomes more youthful and enlivened as the old cellular memory is being unwound and released.

The cost is $125 if you travel to me, $150 if I travel to you and usually lasts 1 1/2-2 hrs.

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Happy People

An initial consultation will last approximately 1-2 hrs. We will sit down and design an effective personal program that is easy to live. I will teach you how to achieve the health and the body you want without dieting or deprivation of any kind. It's about creating a loving, healthy relationship with yourself and food. It's simple, easy and fun!

The cost is $50 an hour/$25 follow up.
A person will probably need weekly follow ups for a few weeks.

  • Pain Relief
  • Healing Injuries
  • Anti-aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Organ Balancing
  • Glandular Rejuvenation
  • Lymph Activation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Nerve Regeneration
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Laser Facelift

"I personally use this laser on my self and my clients. The Quantum Wave Laser is wonderful and totally different from other lasers. I have personally experienced a decrease in blood pressure; cuts and injuries heal significantly faster, better sleep, cavities in my teeth eliminated, and all functions of the body vastly improved. It improves water's ability to hydrate by unwinding the memory in the water. I also find the laser is a bridge to higher consciousness. Everyone should have his or her own laser! More light in the cells of the body creates more vitality!" Lizze

This information is for educational purposes only. I am not a medical doctor and do not
consider this as medical advice.

Scalar Wave Lasers Scalar Wave Laser - What is it?

The Scalar Wave Laser is cold laser or low level laser system. This class of lasers is also often referred to as a soft laser or healing laser and refers to very low powered lasers which have been designed to gently rejuvenate cells. Low level lasers are totally safe and work on a completely regenerative basis.

How this works

Cold lasers rejuvenate the cells by gently donating energy in the form of photons, which then increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which in turn stimulates the cell to grow more efficiently. This works in the same way that a garden works. Sunlight donates photons which in turn energizes the plants to grow bigger and healthier fruits and vegetables.

Uses and Benefits

The Scalar wave Laser has been designed for the lay person and health practitioner alike. Anyone who wishes to use structured coherent light to rejuvenate cells wiil find great benefit from our line of cold lasers.

We specifically condition our lasers to not only rejuvenate the cell, but also to unwind and clear cell memory, to activate latent quantum biological processes. We do this with advanced patent pending Wavestar technology and unique violet crystal laser diode technology.

Our systems are used by many health practitioners such as chiropractors. acupuncturists, naturopaths, biological dentists, physical therapist, sports teams and of course lots and lots of lay people around the planet.

They are used for injuries and pain relief, stress and di sease, facial rejuvenation, smoking cessation, organ detox and balancing, cranial and glandular unwinding, acupuncture and energy healing, lymphatic wellness and rejuvenation and quantum activation and shift to the unified field (see Protocols for more information).

All of these protocols are easy to use and designed for everyone to be able to apply easily. We are not doctors and the Scalar Wave Protocols are not designed to treat or cure medical conditions. Rather this approach is based on the understanding that the body is fully capable of rejuvenating and finding solutions to its injuries and dis ease. Especially when its key quantum systems are relaxed and at ease, and when there is plenty of coherent energy available, either from lasers or the universe of which we are all connected.

Our Approach to Lasers and Healing

Basically it is our view that the universe is filled with coherent neutral energy, or space. When people become stressed and tense they hold onto cellular memory, which renders the body incoherent. When the body is incoherent it no longer taps into the vast reservoir of space and neutral energy.

Our approach to lasers is to unwind and clear this cellular memory so that the body can relax and unwind and open back up to the abundant energy of the universe. When it does this injuries, stress and dis ease disappear. As does energy when it flows and is abundant is vital and full of life.

So in summary our approach is not fix or heal the injuries or the "dis" ''ease" rather we seek to unwind the cell memory which tells those cells and body systems to remain closed off to the universe of energy. We unwind this stress and tension in much the same way that an old tape recorder is erased, by simply reversing the polarity. The Scalar Wave Lasers use a revolutionary Scalar Wave technology to achieve this ability to easily delete the cell memory.

What Makes Our Lasers Unique

All low level lasers donate energy in order to rejuvenate the cell, What makes our soft lasers truly unique is the ability to clear the cell memory. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and dis ease And our proprietary technology activates scalar waves which neutralizes all polarity and shifts the cell memory. This quantum laser approach can be applied to any injuries, stress, tension, dis ease, or to activate the key body systems such as the glands, organs, chakras, meridians or any of the cells which make up the body.

The Scalar Wave Laser Approach

Basically the Scalar Wave Laser approach enables the user to regenerate cells and to clear stress and tension pattern of cells in the body. It comes with built in protocols for all body systems, organs, glands, chakras, meridians and cells of the body You can also run unwinding protocols, quantum protocols, detoxifying protocols, regenerative protocols, and protocols for dealing with emotions, stress relief and the activation of consciousness.

Scalar Wave Laser Protocols

The Scalar Wave Laser training process is based on a quantum understanding of the body called the Unified Field Protocol. This revolutionary low level laser training approach is based on the understanding that cells love to grow and are very good at doing this.

Anyone who tells you that the body does not regenerate is not telling you the truth, the only thing that the body does is to constantly regenerate cells. The Scalar wave Laser approach is based on using lasers to donate energy to regenerate the cell.

All of our protocols work on the understanding that in order to assist the cells and the body to do this work of regenerating cells we have to first unwind or clear the cellular energy. This cell energy is what limits new cells from the full state of energy and the quantum state wellness.

The Unified Field Protocol

The Unified Field Protocol is a proprietary process for unwinding cells, organs, glands, meridians and chakras into the unified field. Basically all cells and body systems are designed to be relaxed and at ease in neutrality. The universe is 99 % neutral energy or space and when we relax and unwind the polarity, or cell memory, the cell! opens up to this unified field of energy.

Our approach is to restore harmony to the field which is the underlying and essential nature of the body. In fact, the body is really a dimensional contraction of the field. When we understand the nature and operation of this dynamic relationship our work as stewards of health is to simply unwind, clear, detoxify, regenerate or activate the system.

Cranial Sacral Wave

The protocols work with a systematic understanding of osteopathic principles in order to unwind the sympathetic nervous system and to reintegrate this into the parasympathetic nervous system which is where yogis and mystics reside.

When we are relaxed and at ease and the cranial sacral wave front is unwound, it shifts or neutralizes into the quantum state often called the still point. Yogis and Mystics refer to this place-as the space between each breath. The Unified Field Protocol aims to return the cellular field or body to this quantum state of being neutral which naturally plugs us into the vast and neutral field of energy which makes up this universe.

The Glands or Sacred Points

The glands or sacred points are key in the Unified Field Process. In fact the Unified Field Protocol centers around the glands and the understanding that the glands govern the cranial sacral wave front of the body and also condition everything from chakra plexuses to the nervous system and the cells of the body.

Our view is that the glands work through a principle called entrainment which simply means that they are conditioned by the people they have been around such as family. This is the same principle that happens when women live in a house together and their monthly cycles come together. The Unified Field Protocol unwinds this glandular entrainment in a systematic fashion which unwinds the cranial sacral system and all cells in the body simultaneously.

The Alchemical Nature

As the adrenals are unwound the sympathetic nervous system unwinds and the alchemical and higher dimensional nature of the glands activates returning the body to a more coherent state of being. This process also activates key neurotransmitters and sacred substances such as oxcytocin (released in breast feeding and orgasms) which further helps to free the body of stress and tension and induce more enjoyable states of being. The key is to clear out the excess adrenaline from the body and to activate the quantum anatomy and subtle hormones responsible for unity plane consciousness.

The Quantum Anatomy

As the body dissolves into neutrality, the subtle quantum anatomy activates. The basic protocol or sequence of the Unified Field Protocol is that the DNA induces the glands, which then conditions the crania! sacral wave condition which in turn activates the plexuses of energy, the organs and all the cells in a given area.

The Protocol also works great on all injuries, disease, stress and tensions by shifting the cell memory, or contraction of energy. This approach works great for everything from the smallest cells and DNA to the larger organs and even the emotions and entire chakra field of energy.

It does not matter what you are working on as the Scalar Wave Laser works to shift or neutralize polarity into the neutrality. This phenomena occurs in all phenomena from the particle-wave, to this planet star to the body unified field.

Remember our goal is to recognize that each of these are, in fact, one phenomena and conditioned when we approach them with a complete understanding of polarity neutrality and scalar wave physics.

Quantum Rejuvenation and Anti Aging

Adrenaline is the biggest epidemic on the Planet and is responsible for everything from chronic pain and stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, dis ease and most of all aging.

Studies have shown that when the adrenals are constantly releasing adrenaline and cortisol this shuts down the other glands including the thymus or heart chakra gland responsible for immunity and anti aging. What happens is that whenever adrenaline is released the cells get the signal to turn on then off. As this happens they shift polarity and subsequently lose their charge, their oxygen and energy and aging occurs.

This process shortens the telomeres or scalar antenna on the DNA which as they get shorter limits the ability to grow new cells, until life cannot go on in this form. Fortunately scientists have recently discovered an enzyme called the Telomerase enzyme which increases the length of the telomere thereby increasing the anti aging potential and giving hope for the potential of longer life cycles on this planet.

It is our view that both Scalar Waves and the violet laser spectrum optimizes and enhances this quantum rejuvenation effect of activating Telornerase and the Telomere length. Our protocols also aim to activate stem cells, key neurotransmitters and sacred compounds of the body, and further refine and activate the genetic sequencing capabilities of the quantum field.

In addition to all of the amazing health and wellness applications of the Scalar Wave Laser our favorite applications have to do with the subtle energy and shift toward unity plane consciousness. Many who use our lasers start off by using lasers for pain and injuries, and then expand their uses to the subtler work of dealing with emotions, the chakras, quantum healing, and unity plane consciousness.

Pleomorphic Somatidian Life Cycle

The Scalar Wave Laser Protocols are based on a regenerative principle of wellness The pleomorphic model views blood as living (not sterile like the western model) and the goal as returning the blood to a non pathogenetic state Our goal is not to destroy the germ rather we seek to unwind the terrain and return the somatic! to a non toxic state.

The Somatid is the smallest unit of life energy. These are the little points of light which can be seen when viewing blood under a darkfield microscope. These points of light have been described as indestructible and eternal.

The Somatidian life cycle has been mapped out using very high powered microscopes and can be viewed, as in either regenerative states or degenerative states In the latter the somatids actually cycle through different organistic phases, which become the germs which the germ theory tries to destroy.

Once again our aim is to return these points of light to a non toxic regenerative state of energy. When in this state there is optimal health and an eternal state of well being.


The Scalar Wave Laser comes with over a 100 preprogrammed settings for dealing with all the cells of the body, all organs, glands and systems of the body. In addition, we have listed all the settings for all the chakras, meridians, and more alchemical explorations.

The Unified Field Protocol is not based on germ theory or the attempt to fix or cure It is based on the principle and understanding of pleomorphic principle that the body finds solutions to situations when it is relaxed and at ease, and when all of its systems are up and running, and working together. The body is all light and the Unified Field Protocol is designed to return all cells, organs and the entire body field to coherence, natural wave structure and return to the Unit/ Plane consciousness.

Scalar Wave Laser and Pulsar Laser Specifications

Scalar Wave Laser

  1. 780 5mw infra-red laser diodes
  2. 650 5mw red laser diodes
  3. Violet 5mw spectrum Led diodes

Digital Processor
Creates Rounded Sign Waves
Multiple Frequency Input Availability
110 Preprogrammed Frequency Settings
Capable of Hundreds of Custom Frequency Inputs
Digital Display Read Out of Each Settings
Phase Shift Capability Input within the Laser Beam
Scalar Wave Variation Available in Phase Shift Input
Most Subtle Laser Technology Available

405 VioPulsar Probe

  1. 70 mw Violet Laser Diode
  2.  5mw Violet Spectrum Led Diodes

Full Frequency Programmability Capacity
Full Phase Shift Scalar Wave Programmability
110 Preprogrammed Frequency Settings
Unique Violet Spectrum Diode
Violet diode holds more cellular information than other colors
More Subtle/Quantum Spectrum
Shifts the Body into Unity State

Our soft laser approach is to use violet laser diode technology
to activate the subtle quantum anatomy.  In particular for regenerative
purposes such a soft and hard tissue injuries, DNA activation, anti-aging,
facial rejuvenation, acne, pleomorphic detoxification, subtle energy alchemy,
and a vast variety of other low level laser therapy applications. Our view is
that the violet spectrum induces the body’s quantum regenerative capabilities
to kick on.  We use the VioPulsar for activation of the amazing Telomerase
enzyme and the Telomeres, activating stem cells, DNA and of course, the
glands and subtle body anatomy.

650 Red Laser Pulsar Probe

  1. 100mw Red Laser Diode
  2. 5mw Violet Spectrum Led Diodes

Full Frequency Programmability Capacity
Full Phase Shift Scalar Wave Programmability
110 Preprogrammed Frequency Settings
Red Laser Diode for Soft to Medium Tissues

The 650 Red Laser Pulsar Probe is great for surface level cells and tissue such as
soft tissue, muscle, nerve meridians, skin, gums, etc.  It is also great for stimulating
blood, activating key enzymes, like the cytochromase oxidase enzymes responsible for the mitochondrial ATP production, increasing oxygen and electrons, pushing toxins
into the lymph and for the acupuncture meridian protocols.  This is a great all purpose
super useful wavelength and soft healing cold laser probe.

780 Infra-Red Probe

1 100mw Infra-Red Laser Diode 4  
4mw Violet Spectrum Led Diodes

Full Frequency Programmability Capacity
Full Phase Shift Scalar Wave Programmability
110 Preprogrammed Frequency Settings
Infra-Red Laser Diode for Medium to Hard Tissue

The 780 Infra-Red Laser Pulsar Probe is designed for deeper seated cells such as
bone, tendon, cartilage, disc, teeth, etc.  The length of the wave sends more of the
photons right through the surface cells and into the deeper more intrinsic cells.
This wavelength is very popular for bone and teeth regeneration work. (I am personally experiencing nerve regeneration in a dead tooth with this probe). It is also used
extensively in the stop smoking and weight loss protocols. The Infra-Red Probe
is infused with Violet Spectrum light and Scalar Wave technology to help make them
very subtle and gentle.

More information www.ILoveLaser.com/lightoflizze

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What People Are Saying

Lizze does fabulous deep body work, while at the same time she "sees" the issues either past or past life, that are residing in your cellular body and releases them.... I have worked with Lizze for over three years now and have gotten lighter and lighter... in fact I feel like I'm loosing weight from the inside out!"

- Pamela Wright
Wright Time Television Productions &
New Reality Custom Playshops