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Welcome & Blessings to All!

Are you searching for freedom from physical and emotional pain? Are you looking to recapture joy in your life? Are you questioning the grind called daily life? Do you have more month than money? Do you find yourself wanting to do more than just exist? Are you ready to have the best day ever, everyday? I can assist you with this and more!!

Lizze’s Mission:

To empower everyone to be their personal best! How a person feels about anything affects every other area of their life. When the emotions become balanced everything else begins to fall into place. What a wonderful world we can create together. When we totally embrace unconditional love, gratitude and forgiveness our true divinity will become totally present, and we will finally realize that we can create the life we are born to live. For so long we have given away our personal power. The time is now to let go of fear. Fear keeps true happiness at bay. We must start to realize we possess unlimited potential. Now is the time to break free from the limits we have allowed by societal norms, which only serve to hold us back from our true divine nature.
Make every day the best day ever!

Contact Me
Email: .........................lizze1962@icloud.com
Phone: ........................ 310.406.7386

What People Are Saying

I can never go back to the old form of massage again Lizze's bodywork, angelic song and prayer of spirit creates a loving, compassionate experience! Much love!."

- Dr. Scott G. Robinson
Retired medical examiner for the state of California
Director of PR for www.celestialenergy.org
PR for MWF www.bruno-groening.org USA